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6 tips on how to properly water houseplants

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As thirsty as we are on these tropical days, so are the plants. So don't forget them. We have written down our 6 tips on how to water properly so that the plants are happy. There is nothing complicated about it.

  1. Standing water

Use settled water for watering. That is prepare the water for watering to stand at least a day in advance, this will remove the chlorine from the water, which housemaids don't like very much. Room temperature watering is ideal for plants. Do not water them with ice water, they will experience a temperature shock. You can also water with rainwater.

  1. When to water

Don't have a fixed day of the week when you water all your plants. If you have a plant in a darker corner, you will water it less often than those in a bright location.

  1. Substrate control

Always check the substrate with your finger before watering, if your finger is dry, it's time to water it. If you feel a damp substrate, it is better to wait a few days and then try again. Every plant is thirsty differently, so you can't water them all in the same way.

The photo shows Monstera Adansonii .

  1. Substrate too dry

Be careful that if the substrate is too dry, the water could quickly drain into the saucer without soaking into the substrate. She couldn't get to the roots that way. Therefore, water slowly and evenly, the water must reach all parts of the flower pot.

  1. Nutrients for the plant

Don't forget to mix liquid fertilizer into the watering once every few weeks. With us, you can find both universal fertilizer and Lignohumate for stimulating rooting.

  1. Watering from below

Do you have too much substrate in your flower pot? Water the plants from below. Immerse the flowerpot in water for a while, you avoid the dirt all around and the water soaks in from below. Then make sure with your finger that the water has reached the top layer of the substrate. Never leave a flower pot in water for a long time.

The photo shows Syngonium Pink .

For some plants, such as Starček , it is desirable to water in a saucer because the roots will absorb the water. There is no reason to wet the top layer of the substrate and risk rotting.

Watch out for the terracotta pots! You will water them more often because they absorb more water than plastic pots.

For most plants, it is better to water only when the substrate is drier. If you water the plants before the substrate has time to dry, you risk rotting the roots. Often, overflow is manifested by drooping leaves with yellow/brown spots.

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