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Variegated plants

Variegated or variegated plants are types of plants that, due to the loss of chlorophyll, have white, yellow or pink leaves, so-called variegation. These are plants that are slightly more demanding on light conditions, and thanks to their unique coloring, they are in high demand. More about variegated plants in our article.

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Syngonium Mojito
Regular price €24,95
    Epipremnum N'joy
    Regular price €10,95
      Hoya Kerrii Variegata 'baby'
      Regular price €8,95
        Ficus Tineke 'baby'
        Regular price €7,95
          Philodendron Pink Princess 'baby'
          Regular price €9,95 €6,95
            Epipremnum Marble Queen
            Regular price €14,95
              Spathiphyllum Diamond variegata
              Regular price €28,95
                Aglaonema Crete
                Regular price €24,95 €18,95
                  Stromanthe triostar
                  Regular price €45,95

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