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Maranta & Stromanthe

Both praying mantises , arrowroot and stromanthe, form a lush growth in the wild in the lowest floor of the tropical forest of South and Central America. Arrowroots have beautiful oval leaves with a very wide range of colors and are rather clinging and ground cover plants. While Stromanthe has elongated pointed leaves and grows rather tall. You can find more about all praying mantises and how demanding they are to grow on our blog .

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Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana
Regular price €14,95
    Marantha Fascinator
    Regular price €16,95
      Arrowroot Light Veins
      Regular price €57,95
        Stromanthe triostar
        Regular price €45,95
          Maranta NoID
          Regular price €54,95 €45,95
            Arrowroot Lemon Lime
            Regular price €32,95
              Maranta Silver Band
              Regular price €32,95
                Stromanthe Stripestar
                Regular price €26,95

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