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Syngonia are houseplants from the aroid genus. It comes from the rainforests of Central and South America, the West Indies and southern Mexico. Syngonia are fast-growing houseplants that are compact when young and require support when old. They are a great choice for growing in hydroponics . Syngonia have more than 100 species and many of them are rare.

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Syngonium Pink 'baby'
Regular price €10,95
    Syngónium Green Splash
    Regular price €53,95 €37,95
      Syngónium Neon Robusta "Pink"
      Regular price €28,95
        Syngonium Milk Confetti
        Regular price €24,95
          Syngonium Maria 'baby'
          Regular price €5,95
            Syngonium Red Arrow
            Regular price €18,95 €15,95
              Syngonium Pixie
              Regular price €17,95
                Syngonium Maria
                Regular price €20,95

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