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Indoor plants Sansevieria , in Czech mother-in -law's tongue (article) , are the favorite houseplants of our grandmothers. They are suitable plants for beginners and can tolerate darker spaces and dry air. Tongues are special plants and one of the few plants in the world that produce oxygen even at night , when most plants sleep, which is why they are classified as houseplants suitable for the bedroom.

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Sansevieria cylindrica 'M'
Regular price €49,95
    Dragon Wing Sansevieria
    Regular price €15,95
      Sansevieria fernwood Punk
      Regular price €23,95
        A set of plants for a dark corner
        Regular price €51,95 €44,95
          Sansevieria Laurentii - hydroponics
          Regular price €65,95
            Set of plants for beginners
            Regular price €49,95 €42,95
              Sansevieria Black Coral 'S'
              Regular price €19,95
                Sansevieria Masoniana
                Regular price €17,95

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