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6 steps to packing maids

Are you wondering how to package your plant so that it is delivered safely?

Do not send plants that are too wet, but do not send them dry either. If you know you will be shipping the plants in a few days, plan ahead when you will water them.

Find out in which dimensions and kilograms the carrier will send the package. Please also read the information about oversized shipments carefully.

If the package contains plants, none of the carriers will pay you for damage to the contents. If the package is lost, the carrier will refund you the money for the postage and for the basic insurance of the shipment.

What will you need?
Corrugated cardboard (you can choose harder paper instead of cardboard), insulating tape, insulating tape with the inscription FRAGILE (does not have to be), shrink film (it can also be food film).


  1. Wrapping the flower pot with foil

Carefully wrap the flower pot in cling film. This prevents unnecessarily scattered dirt. We will strengthen the wrapped flowerpot with insulating tape. For some plants, it is more difficult, so expect a little loose soil.

  1. Strengthening the plant with cardboard

We cut the corrugated cardboard according to the height of the plant, the width of the cardboard should be such that the cardboard wraps around the entire plant and creates a tube.

  1. Roll up and stick

We roll it into a tube, glue the bottom of the flower pot to the cardboard so that the flower pot does not move, and wrap the cardboard with insulating tape. The plant is thus firmly fixed in the tube.

  1. Inserting the tube into the box

We put the tube in the box so that it does not move in the box and is well secured. We always choose a box so that the tube with the plant is fixed. We try to recycle the boxes, so don't be upset if you receive a box from us with the logo of another e-shop. We find various boxes for friends so that they don't throw them away unnecessarily. If you have an excess of paper boxes at home, we will be grateful for every unused box of yours.

  1. Attention fragile

The penultimate step before the shipment is at your place is to seal the box. First, we seal the box with transparent adhesive tape, and then we wrap the box with adhesive tape with the inscription fragile. This is to prevent the couriers from knowing that the contents are fragile and handling the package more carefully. But be careful, don't rely 100% on the fact that all couriers are careful.

  1. Handing over to carrier

We always hand over packages to the carrier on Monday or Tuesday to make sure they arrive by Friday. Sometimes, even the carriers, it happens that the package goes astray. We also put a business card with our phone number and email in the package in case of any problem, and on the other side of the business card there is a 10% discount on your next purchase.

If a shipment from us arrived damaged despite our efforts, we are ready to immediately send a new one or arrange for other compensation.

In winter, we also wrap the plant in additional layers of mirelon and bubble wrap, which will keep the plant undamaged in the winter thanks to its insulating properties.

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