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About us

About us

From Instagram to an e-shop with big plans.

We are Zuzka and Tomáš , husband and wife and best friends who share a common hobby. We were first captivated by bedroom furniture when we moved into a bright apartment in Prague. Our houseplants have been doing well, so we decided to share our hobby with others mainly on Instagram to pass on our tips and tricks in growing houseplants. Shortly afterwards, in June 2020, our e-shop was also created.

It doesn't end with the e-shop

In April 2021, we opened our first brick-and-mortar store.

Since April 2021, we have opened a store at Sokolovská 377/141, Prague 8. In addition to plants from the e-shop, you will also find large houseplants and lots of accessories for growing houseplants. In the shop you will always find plants that you cannot find in the e-shop, especially the big ones. Come and see us. 💚

The mission is not just to sell plants

First, we selected all the plants personally from the suppliers and then sent them directly to you. After several visits to Dutch growers , we got an idea .💡
Almost all the maids in Europe come from Holland and they are always moving from there by trucks from warehouse to warehouse or store.

So why not have the plants sent straight from the growers to your home?

That's why we came up with a unique solution that we called - directly from the growers. All of our indoor plants on the e-shop are from Dutch growers, where they are waiting for you in greenhouses in the best conditions until you order them from us. Then our professional team in Holland will pack them in special boxes and send them directly to your home or office.

But our activities do not end there.

We write articles

We provide essential and important information to everyone who is interested in indoor plants. Through our blog, we regularly write about interesting things and provide advice and tips on growing.

Our articles

We educate

We try to pass on what we have learned ourselves and know works. Through workshops, webinars and events for children and adults, we pass on experience in the field of plants and cultivation.

Our workshops

We beautify companies

Providing services for companies is also an integral part of our business. From renting plants and regular maintenance to borrowing plants and flower pots for all interiors. Every plant deserves first-class care.

Our services

A small time retrospective


We founded our e-shop dmp.cz with the first maids


Our first brick-and-mortar store in Prague 8 in Palmovce


We are launching plant subscriptions , which have not been available in the Czech Republic until now


Because we value you, we created a loyalty program where you can collect rewards for your purchases


We are launching a unique sale of plants directly from the greenhouses of Dutch growers to your home


We are publishing our own book , which contains our knowledge and tips on how to properly care for maids

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