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Succulents & cacti

Drought-loving plants that require very little care can usually tolerate direct sunlight and some species can be grown outdoors in the summer months or in greenhouses. Among the succulents we also include some types of houseplants, which can also be considered semi-succulents, so be careful with the amount of watering.
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Sansevieria trifasciata 'S'
Regular price €22,95
    Euphorbia Erytrea Canarias
    Regular price €94,95
      Crassula Hobbit
      Regular price €10,95 €8,95
        Sansevieria cylindrica 'S'
        Regular price €26,95
          Peperomia tetraphylla Hope
          Regular price €18,95
            Kokedama Philodendron Birkin
            Regular price €27,95
              Aloe Vera "XL"
              From €81,95
                Sansevieria Black Coral 'S'
                Regular price €19,95

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