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Epipremnum & Scindapsus

A genus of plants called Epipremnum and Scindapsus , also called creepers. All of these types of plants are climbing plants , so they can be grown as hanging plants or let them climb up a support (blackthorn, peat sticks...) . We wrote an article more about these plants.

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Kokedama Epipremnum Marble Queen
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    Epipremnum Global Green
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      Set of plants Madman
      Regular price €35,95 €30,95
        Epipremnum Marble Green
        Regular price €12,95
          Epipremnum Golden - hanging
          Regular price €20,95
            Kokedama Epipremnum Neon
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              Kokedama Epipremnum Global Green
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                Scindapsus pictus Argyraeus
                Regular price €13,95 €11,95

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