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Indoor plants that belong to the group of plants from the family Araceae or Aroids. This includes plant species such as Syngonia , Philodendrons , Monstera , Alocasia , Anthuria , Epipremnum, Scindapsus, Spathiphyllum and Zamioculcas .

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Monstera Adansonia
Regular price €20,95
    Zamioculcas zamiifolia
    Regular price €17,95
      Monstera Deliciosa "S"
      Regular price €13,95
        Epipremnum Neon
        Regular price €12,95
          Monstera Adansonii 'baby'
          Regular price €9,95
            Syngónium Neon Robusta "Pink"
            Regular price €28,95
              Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
              Regular price €28,95
                Philodendron scandens Brasil
                Regular price €11,95
                  Epipremnum Golden
                  Regular price €11,95 €9,95

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