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Tour de Holland

Our trip to Holland had only one goal - to gain inspiration and find new products for our beloved e-shop. And also to relax a bit from the daily hustle and bustle of our company DMP 😁

Because plants from Holland are part of our e-shop, as in previous years, we made a trip here again connected with the holiday. We headed straight to our growers for a tour to see and reconfirm how precisely they pack and care for the plants that then arrive at your home.

1st stop at our growers

Our first stop took us to the growers where our large plants come from, especially the entire collection directly from the growers , which they then ship directly to your home. We know they do a great job, but from the first meeting we just confirmed that they do a great job. We were enchanted by their love and care for the plants. In addition, we had the honor of meeting the management of this garden, who willingly told us about their beginnings and plans for the future. It was an inspiring meeting that gave us a new perspective on agriculture and plant growing.

2nd stop at our flowerpot supplier

The Gina Da company is a family business that completely charmed us some time ago when we started buying flower pots from them. The owner, who inherited it from his father, together with his son, is now developing not only the production of flowerpots, but also his own restaurant, with which he connected his central store in Holandek into one. It is wonderful to see how passion and entrepreneurship are passed down from generation to generation. Gina Da planters are our most popular product and it's great to get to know the people behind this exceptional product. Already in the fall of 2023, we will expand some flower pots from Gina Da with new models. For example, the new Eno flower pots , which are our No. 1 bestseller.

3rd stop at the supplier

The warehouse was another irresistible place on our itinerary. This company specializes in growing and supplying plants and flower pots. During the private tour, we literally got lost in their extensive menu. We've seen just about every brand of planter you can find on the market, including our favorite Pottery pots . It was fascinating and useful at the same time, because here we found new products that we can offer you and thus expand our offer.

The last point of the entire trip to Holland was the most famous cities Amsterdam and The Hague, where we do not recommend going during the peak tourist season, and the last stop was Rotterdam, which is unforgettable with its beautiful architecture.

Tomáš and Zuzka Bodnár.

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