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A new way to bring greenery into your homes

Most of us love the feeling of bringing a new plant into our home. It's like welcoming a new family member. What if we told you there was a way to make this process even better for you and your beloved maid?

A greener way to your home

Most of the plants you buy have gone through a long and difficult process before they reach you. She traveled around various warehouses, was exposed to adverse conditions and often suffered from stress factors that could affect her health.
What if we could simplify this process? What if your plant could travel directly from the grower to you, without unnecessary stops and stress?

Direct from the growers

Our service " Direct from the growers " is a revolutionary step in the field of indoor plant sales. Instead of your plant traveling across Europe, it travels directly from Dutch growers to your home . This means less stress for the plant and direct delivery for you.

Why is it the best choice for you and your plants?

Freshness: Plants direct from growers means you are getting plants in the best possible condition. No unnecessary stops in warehouses, which means the plant is fresher and full of life.

Ecological impact: When you order a plant directly from the growers, you not only get a quality plant, but also contribute to the protection of our environment. Direct sales mean shorter transport routes and less processing, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transport and distribution. When you choose a plant directly from the grower, you not only enrich your home with a beautiful plant, but also contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Unique offer: Direct contact with growers allows us to offer you special or more rare types of plants that are not normally available on the market.

Safe packaging: Our special cardboard boxes ensure that your plant arrives safe and in perfect condition, even in XXL sizes.

Quality guarantee: Your satisfied experience is our priority. If the plant does not arrive in perfect condition or if you encounter any problems, we are here to help. Thanks to daily communication with growers, we are ready to answer your questions and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Benefits for plants

Less stress: Plants travel directly from growers, meaning less travel and less stress.

Optimum conditions: Until you buy the plant, it is waiting for you in the best possible conditions.

Short duration: Plants spend less time in transit, which means less time outside their natural environment.

Fewer risks: A direct route means fewer opportunities for damage to the plant during transport.

The future is here

This is just the beginning. In the coming days we will start to expand our "Direct from the Growers" offer to offer you even more great plants and products. We believe this new ordering and delivery method is the future of houseplant sales and we look forward to bringing even more unique greenery into your homes.
Roommates everyone!

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