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Direct from the growers

How does it work?

Plants from the greenhouse to your home

Our plant shipment is a unique novelty. This is not a classic resale of plants, thanks to which they travel across Europe to various warehouses in trucks or ships, but a direct route of carefully selected houseplants from Dutch growers from the greenhouse directly to your home.

Precisely packaged plants

You can choose from our e-shop and it will be with you in a few days

The plants are specially packed in special cardboard boxes so that they cannot be damaged. In this way, we can get plants up to almost two meters tall. 💚
All plants

How does it work?

Selection of plants
In our offer you will find popular plants of all sizes that will decorate your home or office. Simply order.

The procedure is the same as for any other order. After payment, the shipment from Holland is dispatched to your address in the shortest possible time.

The joy of the plant
Share the joy of plants with us and tag us on social networks. If anything goes wrong with the shipment, please contact us and we will send you a new plant at our expense!

What is the advantage?

Every plant that is imported to the Czech Republic experiences stressful conditions simply because it has to be transported from warehouse to warehouse several times. Several days pass before it reaches store shelves, and adverse conditions such as cold, frost, mold, adverse humidity and mechanical stress during transport can have a fatal effect on the plant.

We want to create a green oasis in a simple way and so that the plants do not suffer.

We have therefore established cooperation with Dutch growers and provided such a system that allows you to order a plant directly from their greenhouse, where the plant is packaged and travels directly to your address. Both the journey and the load are shortened by up to 80% and the plant is happier.


Geothermal energy, aquaponics or solar energy provide everything needed for large-scale cultivation of your favorite houseplants.

Modern technology

With the help of sustainable sources and modern, nature-friendly technologies, the best possible growing conditions are maintained under strict supervision.


The greenhouses are in Europe, so we can get the plants to the Czech Republic within a few days. There is no need to load them by air or ship.

(FAQ) Frequently asked questions

Why did I receive only part of the order?

The plants will arrive from Holland by their own transport. For a large order, it is possible that it will arrive in multiple shipments due to the bulky dimensions.

Why is delivery taking so long?

Growers must process the order, have it packed and shipped. Then the plant is delivered from Holland by a courier company. Delivery therefore takes 4-6 working days.

Will the plant be transplanted like yours?

The plant will be in the basic substrate from the grower. We recommend transplanting the plant. If you order a plant with a terracotta pot and a saucer (variant for XL plants), the plant will be transplanted into it by the grower.

The shipment arrived damaged

If there is something wrong with your shipment, please email us, attach photos and we will immediately start the claim process and arrange a refund for you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! 💚

How will the plant be packaged?

The plants will be packed in a specially developed strong cardboard box which is used for shipping the plants. You can easily get into the box through the marked openings. The box can be reused or properly recycled.

Can I cancel my order before delivery?

You have the right to cancel the order. But please first try to empathize with the plant, which, like us, is alive and fragile and is already on its way to you by courier directly from Holland. If you still want to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can redirect its delivery to us, where we will take care of it with love.

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