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FYTA sensor

What is FYTA Smart Sensor?

The FYTA sensor, with the help of modern technologies developed in Germany, represents a revolution in the care of indoor plants. FYTA, thanks to its sensors, analyzes data based on moisture, light, temperature and the amount of minerals in the soil. You have all the data for healthy plant growth at your fingertips and you know the exact state of your plant through the mobile application. That's why you'll never forget watering or fertilizing, and you can easily find out everything on your smartphone.

Recognize the needs of your plant

Each plant is unique. Like humans and animals, plants have different needs depending on their age, species, environmental factors and season. FYTA Beam helps you understand your plants.

By measuring FYTA, you get lots of useful information

Push notifications
Accurate data
Plant health analysis
Detection of diseases and pests

Simple control
& assembly

The Fyta sensor looks unobtrusive in its dark green color. It usually merges with the plant and the 2 metal spikes disappear into the soil of the plant. You don't have to worry about the device disrupting the interior design or getting in the way of the plant.

Grab the FYTA sensor, find a suitable spot on the plant exactly halfway between the center of the plant and the edge of the pot.

Gently and straightly stick the sensor into the substrate with metal spikes so that only the green part sticks out above the ground.

After placing the sensor near the plant, you can proceed to pair the sensor with your mobile application and create a plant in the monitoring application.

Mobile application

You get everything you need on your smartphone, where you can simply download the app using Google Play or the Appstore .

Using the sensor and the app, you can learn how to properly care for your plants. Push notifications remind you of upcoming care steps, and tutorials show you how easy it is to transplant or propagate plants. Like a good gardener, you will also grow with your plants.

Expert content
& tutorials
Pest library & list of more than 1400 plants
Virtual garden
with a clear organization
Analysis of plants with AI support
Plant identification with AI support
Disease identification with AI support

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