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Carefully selected indoor plants from specialist growers from Holland. We care about the quality and health of the plants and rely on their safe packaging. In our offer you will find climbing plants , small and medium-sized houseplants, for beginners and advanced growers , rare houseplants and plants suitable for pets .

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Calathea medallion
Regular price €20,95
    Calathea makoyana 'S'
    Regular price €20,95
      Calathea Orbifolia 'S'
      Regular price €24,95
        Calathea Sanderiana 'S'
        Regular price €20,95
          Zamioculcas zamiifolia
          Regular price €17,95
            Zamioculcas zenzi
            Regular price €30,95
              Maranta Silver Band
              Regular price €32,95
                Arrowroot Light Veins
                Regular price €56,95
                  Maranta NoID
                  Regular price €53,95 €44,95

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