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6 reasons to shop at DMP

Do you want quality indoor plants? Are you looking for plants that you cannot find in regular florists or hobby markets? DMP is an abbreviation for our store "Give me a room" which was founded in 2020 precisely with the desire to offer purely indoor plants with suitable accessories. To date, we can offer you almost 500 types of indoor plants and dozens of accessories, including flower pots, etc. Why buy from DMP?

1. A large selection of indoor plants

In the e-shop, you can find almost 500 types of indoor plants, from easy to difficult to care for and also rare ones. Big and small, cheap and expensive, you can find pieces like Monstera Albo Variegata or Thai Constellation here. In the e-shop, you can find almost all plants clearly sorted into individual collections according to plant species, or you can search for them by different types of products in the main menu.

Our e-shop is constantly being worked on and we are constantly improving it, so in the offer you will also findplant sets , which always consist of two or three indoor plants in such a way that they harmonize with each other in terms of care, location or their color or species and are at a discounted price price. Also, if you like to compete, you can find plant auctions on our e-shop, in which you can find new plants almost every week, which are either not in our offer, are harder to find or are rare plants, or are so beautiful that they deserve attention in the auction.

The offer of our plants is never complete, so you can use the " watchdog " function on our e-shop right next to the given plant, which alerts us to interest in the plant that we are looking at when stocking new plants.

2. Selection of suitable supplements for cultivation and plants

It wouldn't be the same without plants, and we need a lot of things for plants to thrive properly. That's why you can find several specially mixed substrates for different types of rooms, growing containers and flower pot packaging . We are not left behind, which is why we keep expanding this offer not only with flowerpots and substrates, but also with smart accessories such as our own peat sticks for plant support or FYTA sensors . Here you will also find merch products, gift vouchers, greeting cards, etc.

3. Convenient shopping online and in stores

Shopping at dmp.cz is simple, just find what you need, add it to the basket and order. You have a choice of various transport options, including personal collection at our brick-and-mortar store in Prague. You can pay immediately by card or cash on delivery . For customers in Prague, we also provide the option of express Liftaga, which will deliver your order the same day.

In our brick-and-mortar stores, you will not always find the same offer as we have in the e-shop, so if you want to be sure that you will find what you need there, it is better to order in the e-shop with the possibility of collection or ask our willing sellers in the store in advance.

In addition , from May 2023 you can visit our second brick-and-mortar store, Potzillas , where you can find large pots and large plants.

4. Safe packaging of shipments

We are proud of our ability to send such fragile goods as plants across half the country and beyond the borders, as evidenced by the hundreds of reviews that you write to us personally, on social networks and on Google . As part of ecology, we pack your orders in already used cardboard boxes from people and take the best used cardboard from various sources so that we don't waste material. Plants and accessories are carefully packed in several layers and protected in winter with additional material against frost. See for yourself :) In addition, we send all shipments with plants only on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, so that there is no transportation over the weekend. Did you order from us and were you satisfied? We will also be happy for your review on Google and the attached photo 💚

5. Loyalty program

We give our registered customers a lot of benefits thanks to our loyalty program, which you can access on the e-shop in the left part of the screen. To register for the program, it is enough to have an account created and logged in on our e-shop. You can get your first bonus, for example, by signing up for our newsletter and getting a 10% discount on your next purchase.

6. Customer Service

We provide expert advice and quality customer service. You can write to us in the chat directly on the e-shop, we try to answer your messages as soon as possible. You can also write to us by e-mail at info@dmp.cz or use messages on our Instagram orFacebook . If you need advice, either with an order or with another question, call us on our phone during working hours +420 776 060 464 . If you like discussions, you can also use our FB group Plant Forum , where you can advise, discuss and brag with other people. If you want an expert opinion directly from us, just tag us in the post.

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