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All discounts on indoor plants and accessories in one place. Use these great prices to purchase a wonderful green addition for your home or as an unforgettable gift. Valid until stocks last or until the end of the promotion.

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Philodendron Pink Princess 'baby'
Regular price €9,95 €6,95
    Scindapsus pictus trebi
    Regular price €11,95 €9,95
      Dieffenbachia Compacta
      Regular price €10,95 €8,95
        Monstera Thai Constellation XL
        Regular price €265,95 €173,95
          Monstera Thai Constellation 'baby'
          Regular price €61,95 €57,95
            Crassula Hobbit
            Regular price €10,95 €8,95
              Alocasia Polly 'S'
              Regular price €16,95 €12,95
                Green Wonder 'baby' climbing ivy
                Regular price €4,95 €3,95
                  Ficus Robusta 'S'
                  Regular price €12,95 €10,95

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